I was going to write a small post about Rails and its brand-spankin' new release, known at version 2.0. But in the time it took to write this, the Rails community not only released Rails 2.0, but also Rails 2.0.1 (thanks to a small error in the original 2.0 release) and 2.0.2 (bug fixes and some nice changes included) were released in short order. That's part of what I love about the entire Ruby and Rails community: You need to be on your toes and always up-to-date. It may be a pain at times, especially when there's barely any time for one to do anything at all. But it's just a blast, and I'm enjoying the ride.

I've been using the new Rails features for the past five months now, thanks to access to the Rails Edge code. I really like the direction the framework is taking. RESTful routing is now the norm, multiple views of the same chunk of data are now a breeze, huge security benefits straight out of the box... There's just too many good things Rails 2.0 has brought out. And the upcoming release of Ruby 1.9 (and its promised speedups) have me anxiously awaiting its arrival. In fact, I'm thinking of porting my Puerto Rican Rails site, RailsPR.com, from the "obsolete" Rails 1.2.3 to benefit from all the changes made by DHH and the rest of the Rails core team. Excellent job, guys. Here's looking towards the bright, bright future of Ruby and Rails. I'm excited to be part of it.