Last night I was in the mood to just review some of the stuff I already work with on a daily basis. I've been reading up on a lot of new stuff that I'm dying to play with, so a quick review of familiar concepts would be a welcome change of pace. Plus, it always seems I'm learning new stuff whenever I go back to an old concept. So I was searching around to see what I could get. I've already exhausted most of my Ruby and Rails books, gotten most of what interests me on PeepCode, and seen virtually every single episode of Railscasts, so I wanted to see something different.

That's when I remembered that the guys from Rails Envy started producing their own screencasts, originally dubbed Envy Casts. As you can see with what I wrote above, and what I've written previously, I absolutely love screencasts. And since I'm an avid listener of the Rails Envy Podcast, I thought I would give these guys a try.

So after viewing the screencast on my way to work today, I have to say that Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer have a good thing in their hands. Their screencasts are totally different from everyone else's, which is immediately apparent. Instead of just a voiceover of how something is done, they actually have the guys (mostly Gregg) in front of a green screen. While it would virtually be the same if they went the regular screencast route, this adds some sort of personal touch.

Of course, the guys inject their humor as usual (with Jason usually appearing on screen for comedic purposes and nothing else). It even has quick educational breaks, with Gregg posing as a doctor to give us lessons on how our brains work. It has absolutely nothing to do with Ruby, Rails, Active Record, or anything related to software development, but as I mentioned, it provides quick breaks between topics.

So far, they only have one screencast covering Active Record. But I'm definitely looking forward to subsequent screencasts, as long as they're as good as this first one. Perhaps we have the new hotness of the screencast world in our grasp.