Just wanted to write a quick post this morning about something amusing I found. I was checking out my site's stats through Google Analytics (which is a great free service, by the way - I just wish they would make it a real-time stats tool, even if I have to pay for that service), and found this in my 'Keywords' Traffic Sources:

My Site’s Traffic Through Keywords

Of course, I don't have any porn on this site (sorry, please be redirected to one of the trillion other sites out there that do have some), but I simply have a post titled "All the porn you want! (Not really)", which was a post about my experience with the Akismet Plugin for this blog.

Lesson learned here: If you only care about numbers and want to boost traffic to your legitimate website (without caring that you'll only attract horny people who will immediately click the Back button once they realize you have no porn), just add the word "Porn" in your blog post. That being said, I'll refrain from using the word in this blog. Who knows what those people are looking for?