Note: Unfortunately, I had to take this site offline, due to its inactivity, and due to the fact that I have moved to New York City. I had plans for this site to be a starting point for me to start my own Ruby and Rails User Group in Puerto Rico, but I obviously can't do that now. Hopefully someone in the near future in Puerto Rico will want to do something similar.

Although I finished this project a while back, I hadn't announced it anywhere, so here it is. I just finished, a site which I hope generates some much needed attention to the Ruby programming language and Rails framework here in my native land of Puerto Rico.

The main reason I started this site is because the IT industry in Puerto Rico is currently just centered on Microsoft products. I've said in a previous post that I really don't mind Microsoft, and I think some of their products are great. However, with so many stable and useful open-source alternatives in the market, from operating systems to programming languages, I don't see why it should be this way.

I've been learning and using Ruby for most of this current year, along with Rails. And it still baffled me whenever I talk to other programmers, they don't even know what Ruby is. They're still stuck with the same Visual Basic teachings they had in college. There are even some still using COBOL.

So my mission with this site is to create a community where interested programmers from Puerto Rico can be together in one place, sharing their knowledge and experiences, which is really what open-source is all about. It would make me proud to have my site be one of the main reasons people got into Rails.