If there's one positive thing I can take out of having to ride the subway to work for one hour each way every single day, it's that I've been able to catch up on a lot of reading. I love to read a whole lot, particularly about technology. So lately I've been able to finish a couple of books I had around, plus I've been able to afford more books to read, so I've been buying more. While I haven't read a library's worth of books, I think I've read more than the average software developer has read. I would go into a long discussion about that fact, but maybe another day.

With a myriad of books out there, it's difficult to know which ones to read. I first got inspired by Jeff Atwood's Recommended Reading For Developers list. Since then I've purchased and read many of the books Jeff recommends, which are still pretty relevant and really good reads.

So I decided to dedicate some time to write some mini-reviews about the books I've read, in case someone wants an honest opinion on them from my perspective. I've already written about a couple of books before (like the upcoming Advanced Rails Recipes book, and my not-so-popular opinion about The Pickaxe Book), so I hope to expand on that.

Also, I added a nifty text widget on my sidebar which I will update constantly on which books I'm currently reading and into, with a link to Amazon (no referral link!) for more information. I hope you all find it interesting to see where I'm focusing now.

Any suggestions on recommended reading for a software developer like me? While I like programming-specific books, I would really like to get into more books that focus not on one single piece of technology, but as a whole. Any recommendations will definitely be appreciated.