Take The Risk - It's Totally Worth It

The following post is something I sent a friend who's still works at my former workplace. She was feeling a bit down due to the circumstances that have been happening there (and that I know all too well), so I offered her this piece of advice. This really isn't technology related or anything, but it's something I wanted to post to keep on my blog, to remind myself whenever I feel stuck in my life.

You've been there much longer

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Advanced Rails Recipes - Sort Of A Review

Like I mentioned a while back in this blog, I really like the books released by The Pragmatic Programmers. They're pretty easy to read and teach a lot in the process. Although Programming Ruby (known to many on as the 'Pickaxe' book) is getting some flak after Zed Shaw's take on it (which I agree on, although I'll give my own take on it in the near future), you can't deny their books are among the best in their specific

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