I set up a small server using some spare parts at my apartment, which I leave up and running 24/7. I connect to that server via the small router I have (only opening the ports I want to have open, obviously) whenever I'm not home, using a dynamic IP service. This server is mainly used as my Subversion repository, with all the projects I'm working on. Unfortunately, this isn't working too well, as blackouts, Internet outages and even system lock-ups (hey, I said the server was made using spare parts) at my apartment render it useless. It happened to me this weekend, when I was away from my apartment, so I couldn't work with anything I had planned.

So I searched around, and found the most excellent service that I needed, called Unfuddle. Unfuddle is a site that offers source control services, along with bug tracking, for free for simple, private projects (or a minimal fee for larger projects). I created an account yesterday, and I just arrived at my apartment, so I immediately transferred my source code to the Unfuddle servers. I played around with the service for a while, and I have to say, this is really a great solution for those in need of source control in a remote server.

The simplicity of the service is really the nicest touch, in my opinion. It's really easy to navigate around the system and work with your project. Looking through your source code in the repository (using Subversion) is a breeze, and adding issues to the bug tracker, or any other message is just as easy. Seriously, it's a great tool for all those software developers out there who need a place to have their code handy, ready to work with, anywhere you are.

The higher fees are for largers groups with different projects and many users, along with added security features. If I were working with a group, I would totally pay up for one of these services. If it works great for a lone individual like me, this has to be excellent for groups of two or more. So you should take a look at this service, as it's a good one. I have nothing bad to say about Unfuddle for the time being. Hopefully it'll help you too.